01 January 2008

Thoughts on how to solve some of humanity's problems

I've noticed that economics and the drive for profit drives a lot of things. As a graduate of the University of Chicago, I have to admit that I don't mind that humanity is basically Ferengi, and resource allocation via markets is definitely the best form of resource allocation. But it seems that some of humanity's problems come from our insatiable demand for more.

Markets by their nature demand more all the time. They're going to push every boundary imaginable for greater profit. The solution is not to forego the market approach, but to discipline the market approach.

The problems that I think I know how to address are (1) lack of water, as I described in my first post, (2) lack of natural space where people generally stay out, in order to give the rest of nature a chance, and finally (3) obesity and its siblings poor nutrition and hunger.

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