23 December 2008

The cost of a day's food

When money is tight, junk food beckons. That NY Times article says that the average American eats $7 worth of food per day. I had the impression that the average American is spending that much on Starbucks alone! As I've written before, we need to change how we eat, to save our own health and to save the health of the planet. The NYT article has links to related pages, in particular an article about a couple trying to live on $US1/day (despite wasting money on Tang).

Here in New Zealand, it's not possible to eat for $NZ1/day. Based on my computerized diet models, even if a person were willing to eat a drab diet specified by the computer, it's hard to get below $NZ2.50/day. Of course, a person could grow some food, which would help some.

Somone commented on the NYT article that some posters were complaining of not enough money for food, but clearly had internet. It raises a good point: we need to change our lifestyles, as well as our eating habits. If we spend less on petrol and plasma TVs, we'll have more for food.

Here's an NY Times recipe for cabbage and potato, which looks great. Kudos to NYT! Well done! More like that! I just loaded that recipe into my Wagmu.com diet & nutrition site, and it has a great nutrient profile. Try adding carrots and broccoli.

Have you tried the Wagmu Challenge? (1) Did you get all your nutrients today? (2) Can you create a diet (without pills) that does give you all your nutrients? I hope to add a powerful new "Wagmu Suggest" feature in the next few months.

The image of irrigated fields in El Gezira, Sudan, from NASA.

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