19 February 2009

Free Excel-to-Outlook task scheduler!

Life got you overwhelmed? Don't know what to do next? Like playing around with obtuse spreadsheets? Try my Task_Scheduler.xls. This spreadsheet is designed to help you use Excel and Outlook to (1) schedule your long-term work, to ensure that you have enough time to meet your deadlines, and (2) schedule your current week.

Briefly, you type in your tasks, how long you think they'll take, some kind of value for importance, and optional "Start after" date and an optional "Due date". The spreadsheet then creates a schedule, trying to meet your deadlines, and schedule work with highest value/hour first. You can then optionally import the next week of tasks into Outlook, and rearrange further.

So you can be reasonably sure that you can get your work done over the next three months or so, without having to enter all of that into Outlook, and you can import into Outlook the next week of tasks that you plan to do.

No support whatever is provided and use at your own risk.

Update 23 Feb 2014 - I changed the link from my defunct University website to my personal website.


Juan said...

Hey John!
I was looking for something like that. The problem is that your link is not working anymore.
Can you send me the file?

John F. Raffensperger said...

Hi, Juan,

I've uploaded Task Scheduler to my personal website, http://john.raffensperger.org. Let me know how it goes.