08 May 2009

Your health and Star Trek

I took my beautiful wife out on a date last night to see the new Star Trek movie. I was surprised to see Winona Ryder and Jennifer Morrison (confusingly named Winona Kirk) in the credits - they weren't too recognizable. The movie's a blast, highly recommended, great entertainment. But drop all logic at the door.

Something we shouldn't drop at the door, though, is regard for our own health. Movie theatres are about great entertainment - and eating. The stuff they sell is awful! Sugar drinks and popcorn loaded with sodium. My wife bought some popcorn, and I couldn't have more than a handful, as I was overwhelmed with the saltiness. A couple seats over, an obese young man was drinking from a 2-liter bottle of generic cola, and chewing on gummy worms.

I wish the theatres would sell healthier food, but they do what they do as they have honed their profits to the tee. They are giving their customers what the customers demand. If anyone has an answer out there, sing out.

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