25 November 2010

It's not too late to start training

Another brilliant NY Times article, this one on exercise and the elderly.  Wanna live longer and be healthier?  Then exercise, and exercise hard!  The article admits that motivation is the big problem.

Motivation! Ugh.  I believe strongly in exercise.  I want to exercise.  I imagine my self as fit as my mountain-climbing colleague Paul.  Then when it actually comes time to go to the gym, I'm too tired, I've got finish this chore, it's raining,... LOL!

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Jo Jordan said...

Try Tai Chi instead - once a week in the church hall on Puriri St - one closer to town than Konini next to Fijian Dairy on Riccarton Road.

Great crowd of phd types - led by Dennis ? ex English Dept. Tai Chi give you a great bod and is mentally demanding too - unlike gym. Social too - get togethers - pleasant intelligent company.

I can find Dennis' email if you want