03 March 2011

Chocolate and the PMS diet?

My good friend Maria asked whether chocolate is suggested for the PMS diet. She has a knack for this sort of straight-to-the-mark intuition.

As far as I can tell, based on the data from Wagmu and the Brazilian study, just 3 grams of 70% dark gets the oleic acid you need!  Add 15 grams of walnuts for your alpha-linolenic acid, and 45 grams of dry-roasted sunflower seeds for linoleic acid and vitamin E.  A teaspoon of cod liver oil supplies your omega-3 fatty acid.

To re-cap:
- 3 grams extra dark chocolate (that's just one little square),
- 15 grams of walnuts (a heaping tablespoon),
- 45 grams of dry-roasted sunflower seeds (3 tablespoons should do it),
- a teaspoon of cod liver oil.

The above list will go a long ways toward sorting out your essential fatty acids.  By the way, I eat all that every day.

However, the study also included omega-6 18:3 n6 ccc gamma-linolenic fatty acid (GAL).  Unfortunately, I can't find a good food source of  GAL, other than Canola Harvest brand margarine.  You would have to eat 5 tablespoons of the stuff to get what was in the study pills. And I can't figure out how that brand got so much of it in their product, because GAL does not seem to be in the separate ingredients.  They must have processed it somehow.

GAL is not widely available in foods, which implies we shouldn't need it. Indeed, your body produces GAL, but apparently not enough sometimes. If you really want to duplicate the study, I think you'll have to add  primrose oil or borage oil  (neither of which is in the USDA food database, and therefore not in Wagmu).

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