27 July 2008

Use less fuel. Eat less meat.

Prof. Mark Sutton wrote a great article describing the environmental problems arising from agricultural nitrate. Have a look at it. The punchlines, I'm sorry to report, are the same boring things I've been saying all along here: use less fuel, and eat less meat.

The sad thing is that we know how to solve nitrate runoff problem, but can't get anyone interested in it! If you want to solve it, drop me a note. Unfortunately, we don't have any cool electronic widgets or simple pills on offer, but rather a modest rewiring of the economy.

Science Daily has an article that says energy drinks are linked to risky behaviour. To my MBA students who want to learn how to manage risk, here's some advice: use less fuel and eat less meat. And no energy drinks! (They're called "energy drinks" because of the massive energy required to produce them.) These rubbish drinks are pretty unhealthy anyway, more, more, more, and more still.

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