06 August 2008

Mentally ill? Try eating better.

Lakhan and Vieira write that malnutrition can cause mental disorders. This quote is great: "Nutritional therapies have now become a long-forgotten method of treatment, because they were of no interest to pharmaceutical companies that could not patent or own them."

I used to believe that business was basically ethical. I have come around most of the way around the circle. Many businesses, even most, behave within the law. However, firms like Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Pepsi depend on your ability to turn off your brain. You know that sugar is bad for you, but the ads strongly associate good times with their product. We can drink those pseudofoods, but we should do so in moderation - perhaps once a month. Just keep in mind that this stuff has only negative nutritional value, and imposes a direct loss on the environment. Business may be ethical, but that doesn't mean they love you.

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