07 October 2008

Death by obesity

Today's news had another tragic tale of a person dying of obesity. When the average shifts a bit, the tails of the bell curve shift too. The most obese people are now much heavier than the most obese people of 50 years ago.

Over the past five weeks, I have been traveling across the U.S. presenting my research on smart markets for water resources. I see that many Americans are still driving alone in SUVs, still packing huge portions from Portillos and giant burgers from Burger King, still drinking chemical drinks - with and without sugar, still buying bottled water, and still without a clue about the health problems they are imposing on themselves and the environmental problems they will leave to their children.

Could we please control our eating? If we think we have some self-control, can we demonstrate it by buying the garden salad instead of the extra large fries? Can we choose a bowl of oatmeal instead of steak, two eggs, hash browns, and four pancakes? Can we split the corned beef sandwich with a friend, rather than eating the whole thing alone? Please?

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