17 January 2009

Education for the 20XX generation


Anonymous said...

I have Google Alerts set to let me know whenever anything new with "operations research" in it shows up. I received an alert about your latest blog entry today. As a fellow operations researcher / management scientist, let me say that I am rather disappointed to see the words "operations research" appear on the same page as this blog post. It does nothing to make the world better, either with or (in this case) without operations research.

John F. Raffensperger said...

Hello, Anonymous, and thanks for your comment. I'm hugely flattered that you took the time to actually write. I thought the only person who read this blog was my rocker middle child, so this entry was simply some light humour. You're absolutely right that the entry has nothing about O.R., but please cut me some license, as it is a personal blog.

If you're interested in using O.R. for nutrition or the environment, I invite you to write to me.

Dan, Angelica & Jacob said...

been thinking about Van Verst lately...?