16 February 2009

Save the economy by losing weight.

CNN iReport has a post titled "Won't you join me?" This is a surprisingly well-done posting about our health and our economy.

I successfully lost weight using DietPower. I hugely improved my health. I remember some fantastic days, when I went to bed feeling great, slept soundly, and woke up feeling energized. Amazing!

Eventually, I was sufficiently dissatisfied with DietPower that I have started developing my own, Wagmu.

While I have not regained the weight, I am now very much out of shape, partly because I've had a painful case of shingles for the past month, but more because I wasn't going to the gym for months before that. Perhaps being out of shape weakened my immune system, and allowed entry to the shingles.

So it's time I went back to the gym! We can improve our health and improve the economy (through better productivity and lower health costs) if we diet and exercise. We can also reduce our dietary impact on the earth by eating less sugar, less dairy, and less meat. So I'll join Alison Victoria on this, and I hope you will, too.

Update: So I went to the gym, and despite my weeks of discomfort, finished supercharged! I felt fantastic. I wanna do that again!


Dan, Angelica & Jacob said...

You're an inspiration my friend! Keep it up.

John F. Raffensperger said...

Thanks, Dan! Hug that baby and have a cerveza fria for me.