08 January 2009

I commissioned my talented niece Florence Kerns to create this image that represents some of my interests: the impact of business on the hydrological cycle; the interactions of water, energy, and nutrition; the impact of cities on ecology.

Agriculture produces demands of energy, water, and soil, and supplies of energy and food. These demands and supplies interact in complex ways. Agriculture’s supply of food also affects transportation, inventory management, and nutrition. Consumers' choices of foods produces demands on the food supply chain. Consumers' choices of habitat and transportation also produces demands on agriculture and the environment. It's a complex world!

How can we sending price signals to get commerce to back off its environmental impact? My research is to find ways to gently press business away from its environmental impacts. Toward that end, here is our proposal to solve part of the world water crisis.

If you use this image, please reference me and Florence.


Anonymous said...

Fritz, it's possible your niece might be interested in the work of corporate artists who illustrate conversations and such at company meetings to help people conceptualize what is going on.


A suggestion: Add a search facility, top posts, recent posts?


John F. Raffensperger said...

Hi, Jo! Thanks for stopping by. I didn't know how to add the features you suggested, so I just went looking for them. Still don't have it all sussed, but I did add a search and a poll. Thanks also for the suggestion to my niece. I'll send it along to her. - jfr