19 April 2012

The lady who died from Coke?

From The Press, "Woman drank up to eight litres of Coke a day":
Natasha Marie Harris, 30, died suddenly on February 25, 2010. Her partner, Christopher Hodgkinson, had earlier claimed it was a result of drinking too much Coca-Cola...She had been drinking a lot of Coca-Cola for several years and Hodgkinson estimated between four-and-a-half and eight litres a day in the past seven or eight years.
My sincere sympathies, Mr. Hodgkinson.  I wonder if she died of malnutrition? Here is what 8 liters of Coke looks like nutritionally (based on a low 4864 kJ diet and 100g required Carbohydrate, for my personal settings from Wagmu).  

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