17 February 2014

The Epson XP-810 inkjet printer

I joined Consumer Reports last year, as I made a big move recently, and need to buy some stuff. I bought an Epson XP-810 printer.  It seems to print okay, but it pesters me, frequently running out of ink, often needing a "Proceed" button pushed, and whizzing back and forth many times before it's decided it's ready to park. A nuisance!

I gave away my old HP Laserjet, I think an 18-year-old device, which just kept going. But it was black and white, wouldn't do duplex, couldn't scan, etc.

The Epson won't even turn off when you press the power button!  "Do you want to close the tray?" NO!  Just go away. "Okay, remember to close the tray manually."  Maybe I should just unplug it.

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