28 June 2023

How to Set A Deadline On Global Warming

Friends, colleagues, I have just published GEO-X: How 10 Big Firms Can Lead Us to End Global Warming. You can get it free through July 2023 on Apple Books, https://books.apple.com/book/id6450712229.

I ask for your help in distributing it to business executives, especially to executives of environmental sustainability.

“GEO-X” examines the political obstacles to ending global warming and concludes that governments will probably never overcome them. The book describes the weaknesses of existing regulatory systems, how they slow emissions but fail to incentivize true net zero operations, much less the enormous carbon removal required to reverse global warming. The book explains the failures of the carbon removal markets, especially the moral hazard so often resulting in fraud.

To solve all of these problems simultaneously, “GEO-X” proposes a bold three-part solution.

First, a coalition of willing firms could start a Global Emissions and Offset Exchange (GEO-X) to trade emissions permits and carbon removal contracts. Participating firms would end business with non-participating firms. The result would likely be a rush to join through the global supply chain.

Second, GEO-X would strengthen the carbon removal market with contracts backed up by modern data and biological simulation. GEO-X would not pay for reducing emissions, but only for removing carbon from the air.

Third, GEO-X would clear the carbon market with a state-of-art auction mechanism which prices a hard deadline on global warming. This auction mechanism appears to be the most efficient emissions trading system ever designed.

GEO-X would not need government to start, but would benefit from government cooperation. Governments could require businesses within their jurisdiction to participate in GEO-X, accelerating global participation.

“GEO-X” calls senior business executives to tackle global warming head-on.

Get it now and send it to your boss! And please re-post to your own networks.

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